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Rangertell’s new way to look for your treasures.

Rangertell gives you all the tools right in the palm of your hand.

No other competitor has a standalone handheld detector that is programmable for a number of specific elements such as your nonferrous metals as well as gemstones

Only programmable coding detector that locates from a substantial distance and depth

Specifically Detects All Gold, All Metals, All Gems, Utilities and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Rangertell is a handheld long-range detector that will detect gold and 90+ elements such as metals and gems from inches up to miles/km away and up to tens of feet down with surprising accuracy!

Many valuable finds throughout archaeology, geology, gold and precious metal and gemstone detecting using the Rangertell systems.

  • All you need to do with the Examiner is enter a number code provided with the unit and tune to a sample for more accuracy.
  • The Examiner is finely tuned and generally needs no further adjustment during the locating session.
  • Immediately you can detect gold, silver and other precious metals with the same ten-second process.
  • There are main metals, gems or substance frequencies that come with the units and many other frequencies are available after purchase.

The Benefits For You As a Detectorist

If you don’t want to swing a heavy detector for hours hoping to find a location for your hidden mineral or treasure, your best bet is a long-range detector. That way you can size up an area for any hidden minerals or treasure in the form of natural or man-made products down to great depths and hundreds of meters away, instead of wasting your time walking miles with a standard metal detector.

If you want to use the Rangertell on its own a few sweeps across a field with the Rangertell detector will give you a target area worth further investigation. You can use the Rangertell as a standalone detector in an area or as an assistant to a standard audio metal detector to locate a worthwhile area. You can also detect specific gemstones and any other specific minerals you’re searching for perfectly, which you can’t do with a standard metal detector, or set to non-metal materials such as plastics and gas.

For example you can detect over lakes and rivers and even oceans from boat, bridge or shore to locate the specific element. There is no better Long Range Substance Detector on the market for value.

Features of the RangerTell Detectors Include:

  • The only programmable coding device on the market.

  • There are more than 90 codes that can be programmed in to search for specific elements.

  • The very best stand alone device or detector companion available.

  • Very cost effective comparisons to any other detector on the market.

  • Light weight and portable. Very easy to use.

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User Reviews: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

“I have been using the Rangertell Vekta to find underground piping & conduit lines with great success this year”

“I work for a large geo-survey company, just using the Vekta for a couple of hours each day. The accuracy achieved is virtually 100% & it cuts the costs for my company remarkably.This is a great instrument and I use it daily.

Jonathan Palffy, New Zealand

“I was really excited to get the new bait detector from Rangertell, having seen these before I was first, really interested in seeing how fast and accurately it would pull to the target with the bait…

I took first a pre-1965 dime, which is almost pure silver, and a 24 Carrot…piece of gold from an old watch band…. took them to my test bed… weather here in Colorado is below freezing, and snowing…so I cannot get to my sites…. The pull really impressed me on both counts very quick to the targets… This new bait handheld detector is going to be my first to use out in the field … Soon as it is warmer outside I will relate on my successes in the fields. I can expect this to be an exciting and fun spring and summer …..”

Jim Milligan, President Colo Springs Dowsing Association
“In September 2011 I purchased a Rangertell Examiner TG. Since then I have made an important discovery with this exceptional instrument. This was possible due to this instrument’s high detection capability to detect metals at microscopic and sub-microscopic levels.”
Scientific Researcher, Canada
“This unit now means if all of the tests work out, that I have a chance at possibly recovering some of my 80 sites that I have never had before and all I have to do is work out the logistics on some of these sites or purchase the property. This is unbelievable! You can imagine my excitement!!

Ranger, for whatever it is causing field clarity by the unit in actuality, I am very grateful “

Richard Walburn, Well known treasure-hunter - California
In my detections with the examiner I found two items. One was a gold Ganesh statue (weight 36 grams and height 5cm), and the other was a bajra (symbol of power in lst time age) with weight 77 grams, both from 9-12th Century. 

William G, South Asia
“Yesterday I again had success with the Rangertell I found Silver & bronze coins. I also found some old jewellery about 15 feet below ground.”
Stuart, Turkey

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