This now means your time spent in fine tuning is very minimal, no more using codes and processes for eliminate throw outs and false signals. No more re-calculations to ensure depth accuracy.


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User Reviews: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

“I have been using the Rangertell Vekta to find underground piping & conduit lines with great success this year”

I am currently doing large geo-survey work as a sub-contractor for my own business, just using the Vekta for a couple of hours each day. The accuracy achieved is virtually 100% & it cuts the costs for companies remarkably. This is a great instrument and I use it daily.

Jonathan, New Zealand

The article itself is in an Auckland magazine 

The last paragraphed statement is about the Vekta. It’s the ionic detector referred to. Some of the pipelines found using it are 20 meters down.

If you’re in doubt please send me an email at: [email protected]


I was really excited to get the new sample chamber detector from Rangertell, having seen these before I was first, really interested in seeing how fast and accurately it would pull to the target with the sample chamber…

I took first a pre-1965 dime, which is almost pure silver, and a 24 Carrot…piece of gold from an old watch band….  took them to my test bed… weather here in Colorado is below freezing, and snowing…so I cannot get to my sites….

The pull really impressed me on both counts very quick to the targets… This new bait handheld detector is going to be my first to use out in the field …   Soon as it is warmer outside I will relate on my successes in the fields.  I can expect this to be an exciting and fun spring and summer….

We are using all the products made by Rangertell. This is the first time we have used this kind of product with confidence. Spring is coming and we have many kinds of locations to check out. Its lots of fun in Colorado. Checking out old mine dumps and the like getting our sweep smooth to the target. Also ghost towns and many gold and silver areas that have been overlooked by the old timers. The products are highest quality. These people will be the leaders, in short order…..Stay tuned as the snow melts and we make our reports to you.
Thanks Rangertell.

Jim Milligan, President Colorado Springs Dowsing Association
“I find 100% accuracy with Examiner on water, simply because it really did best with dowsing for which am an expert.

What I did was enter the frequency of water in the Examiner, then I place the machine on the ground, then I used the L ROD to dowse while the machine was in ON position.


Hence, I believe that the EXAMINER UNIT has very strong signal/power over that of the mere dowsing scheme.

Thus, I even got a 100% accuracy in detecting the depth and water thickness/volume of water underneath, which has given me a zero percent error or discrepancy of all my drilled sites.

Thanks to the RANGERTELL TG technologies. 

I look forward of sending me your new water frequencies via email.

It would be of great help to all my endeavours. 

More so, I would like to enquire about the Signal Generator unit.

Thank you and more power.”

Very truly yours,

CITY VICE MAYOR , from the Philippines
Hi Rangertell

Our first tests were very impressive. A good friend was using the Examiner. He was approximately 100 feet or better in front of me, facing away from me. He could not see nor hear me as we were not talking.

I had several gold nuggets in my pockets. If I moved to the right, the Examiner did also. If I moved to the left, the Examiner did also. We thought this to be a good blind test.”

June Update:

Been so busy lately I have not touched base with you… The good news is the Examiner pointed to a spot of deep, rich red ochre which did 
produce several nuggets…”

June 28, Update:

“We have found a specimen in an area that was positively part of a gold vein. We are taking the LRL in there and I’ll let you know what happens…

Ranger has been kind enough to allow me to continue to use the LRL and I will and post any new information. My friend Paul has great interest in the LRL and dowsing.

One thing that I have no doubt of, Ranger is very open, honest, and always willing to help and he responds quickly to any questions you have.

If I were looking to buy a LRL I would not hesitate to give Ranger my business.”

Rod Fitzhugh , Arizona Gold Prospectors
This unit now means if all of the tests work out, that I have a chance at possibly recovering some of my over 80 sites that I never had before and that all I have to do is work out the logistics on some of these sites or purchase the property.

This is unbelievable!

You can’t imagine my excitement!

Ranger, whatever it is causing field clarity by the unit in actuality, I am very grateful.

Richard Walburn , Well-known treasurehunter - California
First of all I would like to thank Rangertell for the excellent technical support, five stars!!! I used the Examiner TG Deluxe during my short trip to Europe. I checked for ground water on a friend’s property. This area is very difficult for ground water.

The Examiner indicated “interest” at one point, and within 3 minutes I had the exact point for drilling. I tested for depth and the Examiner indicated that the ground water was at 198 feet.

After 2 months my friend drilled at the point the Examiner indicated, and water was found at exactly 198 feet.
Thanks again 

George, from Illinois (USA)
News from scientific researcher 

My name is (removed for privacy purposes) from the Western Pacific and in September 2011 I purchased a RT Examiner TG.

Since then I have made an important discovery with this exceptional instrument. This was possible due to this instrument’s high detection capability to detect metals at microscopic and sub-microscopic levels.

I treat this discovery as a trade secret and I am not willing to release this information at this point in time yet.

Scientific Researcher, Western Pacific
“There is a guy who I helped instruct on the use of the Examiner a couple of years ago.

End of last month he got a hit on some quartz rock and pulled out six kilos of gold.

The target was five feet down.

Patience pays off.”

RT, Western Australia

While learning the Body Equalizer I have found that my lock ups are much stronger and my pinpointing of the signal line is more accurate. I also found that it can be used as a weight check.

Art has found gold with the help of the Rangertell Busbe Equalizer we now build into each Examiner

More experiences with the Examiner: Treasure Booster

Art Flowers – Successful MFD User /Moderator TreasureAmerica.com

For aarthrj3811 Art has found a lot of gold using our equipment (see testimonials) He has made 7 videos you can see on youtube

Watch as he tests the Examiner Search https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWi6oLIuIjFdLnCNlsLaGPQ

Is his forum about Rangertell and answering people’s questions about Rangertell’s


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