Our History

My name is Garry Brooker and for as long as I can remember I was always had visions of inventing things. I have been a keen enthusiast with the gold rush fever for the last 25 years. I would pack my family up in our car and drive out to known destinations within Australia and have them all digging or panning for gold.

I was born in New Zealand and raised on a farm in Northland and completed an apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic. In 1981 when I was 21 I decided to leave New Zealand and come to Australia to continue work my work as a mechanic. For 3 years I worked on a drilling rig for mineral exploration, this is where my love for precious minerals really started. I met my wife of 29 years in 1985 and have 3 daughters, my inventions and interests started involving energy fields after being introduced to a Nicola Tesla book and studies.

From that time on-wards I was always experimenting with aerial systems and signal generation systems until I started my Research & Development work with my Rangertell lines. I spent around 3 years developing the initial detection system called the Rodette, to make it easier to find specific mineral deposits. My goal was to make this technology available world wide.

In 2002 I launched my first products and created the Rangertell brand name. We now have 3 main detection devices plus accessories to complement our customers’ ability to connect bio-magnetically with the detection system.

My daughter joined us in 2015 and she helps me run the business management side of things which includes customer service, sales, support, blog information and our website. My daughter had completed her certification within this field about 15yrs ago, she travelled and worked for multi-million dollar companies helping manage, restructure and redesign organisational business operation models. However thought it was about time to join the family business upon returning home from her travels to be with family again.

My wife and family have stuck by me though my trials and tribulations, without them my dream of Rangertell would not be possible.
13 years and still going strong today as a family owned business!

We are an Australian Owned and Made company, we are not a factory and all of our products and every detector is handmade by Garry Brooker, we also custom make certain products to our customers needs if requested. Our products are not factory made due to the specific nature in which we need to tune them.

Our Philosophy

We know that if we help people out, they will go an extra mile to help us out. And if we help people without expecting anything in return, people will go extra ten miles to help us in return.
Instead of making excuses, we focus on solving the problems. They may take some work to get fixed right away, but as long as we are making improvements, we’ll get there.
If there are answers to be given, products to be sent we make sure we hit our deadline promised to you.
We will look to other people for feedback and advice. We learn that not all advice is equal. The best advice you get is the truth.
As we are following our dreams, we make sure we don’t forget about the people who helped get us there. We find out what your dreams and goals are and help you to accomplish them.
We try to be persistent with people like this, but we have found that the hardest thing to open is a closed mind. So, instead of wasting our time, we just move on.