Will Rangertell units detect gold and silver coins?2015-07-23T13:54:44+10:00

All Rangertell units will detect coins and jewellery as well as reefs, caches and any deposits of gold and precious metals and/or gemstones.

What if I want to find something exotic? If what you say is true could I not find say Hematite or even Alexandrite?2017-01-16T00:40:36+10:00

Yes, just send us the question on what you are looking for.

We do have many more frequency codes available to purchase separately as well

We even do paid research and development on an individual basis with our customers, all they have to do is establish a quote and provide a sample of what they would like a code developed for

How does it work?2015-07-26T13:53:00+10:00

When held in your hand it then becomes a ground dipole system while working in conjunction with the Bio-magnetic and electrical field of your body.

Your detector and bodies’ magnetic and electrical field to resonate at the same element code you programmed into the detector, which intern causes the detector to align itself with the element you’re looking for, creating an ionic transfer between you and the elements specific resonance frequency signature.

The detector acts just like a compass, which aligns itself to the magnetic grid lines produced by the earth’s magnetic lines.

You can refer to our Technical Data page on a more in-depth explanation

Do the Rangertell detectors move towards the targets themselves or is the position revealed by the sweep alone?2015-07-23T13:46:17+10:00

You generally sweep to find the direction the antenna indicates the target lies. It will though detect as you are passing a target without you sweeping. This comes with much familiarity.

Walking past the target (traverse) gives you the same result as sweeping (arc) because you are less prone to interference. Walk in a North to South direction until a swing, then follow either left or right along the East to West line until the antenna swings back. You are then generally within feet of the target.

We have new easy to read step by step instructions to follow along with clear video tutorials coming soon to guide you along the way

My Examiner appears slower than normal. What do I do?2017-01-16T00:40:36+10:00

Try correcting with the fine tuning dial, if there is no improvement check the handle is moving freely on the shaft.

Make sure that the rubber grip is not contacting the control box if you encounter friction or slow swinging. If so gently slide the rubber sleeve further down the handle.

Or contact us with any concerns

What’s the best way to test the Examiner and practice?2015-07-23T13:39:21+10:00

First key in the code and tune the device to the sample you are looking for, example Gold code and sample

Then have an assistant hide sample object (best results would be to hide under a rock to simulate burial) and see if you can detect it.

Walk in a North or South directional line until you get a swing to the east or west of you, then walk the East or West line until you get swing on the north or south of you, this will triangulate the target you are looking for.

Simply follow the antenna as it swings, until the complete swing into your body is noted.

If you have problems you could be slightly out of tune. Re-tune to the sample again under a rock (simulating burial still)

We are always there if you need any guidance to ensure that your practice makes perfect

How do I eliminate false signals that occur when more than one occurrence of say gold is in the field?2018-05-08T09:56:39+10:00

In order to eliminate cross-field interference causing false signals while detecting. We will give you a code to enter which will only pick up or react to the false signal you have marked and will not react with a swing or pull on the correct true target signal. The one left with no signal reaction is the true target you want.

Correct fine tuning processes also need to be re-examined to determine it is being done correctly, we can help you through this process at any time



Have many people are incompatible with the LRLs?2015-07-23T13:34:29+10:00

We reserve the right to claim that only a small percent, less than 1% of people may not be able to resonate bio-magnetically fields in order to operate the device as instructed. In circumstances such as physical ailments like a pace maker, low iron count, mesh from a hernia operation and or other metal like plates and pins that have been surgically added as a result of an injury you had suffered, being either prior or after use.

We have systematically examined and tested with our customers who have a pace maker and no physical effects have been noted and those customers can use the device safely and successfully, but if you feel you may have had any interference at all please consult your doctor.

Again we provide all customers any warnings in regards to physical and health ailments and are advised to use with caution. We are not held responsible for any repercussions or liabilities as a direct result from using our products

Customers with no ailments in general who have found they had a weaker signal pull or swing from our products, our extensive studies show that by replacing their electrolytes in their body (in recommended doses only or as directed by their doctors ) helped align their bio-magnetic fields creating a stronger pull or swing thereafter.

Feel free to contact us with any concerning questions and we will answer them to the best of our proven ability and knowledge

What is the very best advice you can give a Rangertell user?2015-07-23T13:30:18+10:00

Always tune and test with samples until you are satisfied and confident in the use of the device to locate your targets.

Secondly always ask us if there are any issues we can help with, that’s what we are here for.

We are with you every ‘Rangertell’ step of the way, we are not happy unless you are confident in your Rangertell walk and experience with us

Are there improvements on the drawing board?2017-01-16T00:40:36+10:00

Yes, we are always researching and developing and improving our products for easy use and 100% accuracy for our Rangertell customers

We even do paid research and development on an individual basis with our customers, all they have to do is establish a quote and provide a sample of what they would like a code developed for

What is the range of the units?2017-01-16T00:40:36+10:00

The range is one of the amazing features of the Rangertell locators. Small items like coins and rings can be detected at tens of feet away.

Large objects that are deeply buried will also be detectable tens to hundreds of feet away.

Mines and ore deposits of large size will be easily picked up a mile and even many miles away depending on their size.

what is the depth in which you can find targets?2015-07-23T13:03:03+10:00

For example a coin or nugget depending on size will give you a range of zero (being on the surface ground) to on a larger scale target of 15 feet.

For treasure caches and reefs the range can be down to hundreds of feet

How do I extend the antenna sections on the Examiner?2015-07-23T13:01:41+10:00

We will have a video tutorial coming soon!

How do I tune to a sample?2015-07-23T12:56:23+10:00

In all cases with our products we find better results when you tune to a subsurface sample. In other words don’t tune to it on the surface but insert an inch or so in the ground or bury it just below the surface before tuning to it. (Simulate burial of your sample, as it would be found in its true buried state when detecting)

How do I tune to a target in the best possible way? I think I’m doing something wrong.2015-07-23T12:53:49+10:00

You need to make sure you fine-tune the detector by moving the tuning dial only miniscule amount at a time until you get a positive lock on the sample you walk past

Is there a way to increase the sensitivity?2015-07-23T12:53:05+10:00

Slide the first small section of the aerial extension out to first notch, this is the best way to sensitise the device

The antenna turns but sometimes it is slower than normal. How can I speed it up?2015-07-23T12:52:09+10:00

The handle may need rolling around several times. Roll it several times on the shaft exerting a little pressure as you turn it. For smoother action generally try a drop or two of sewing machine oil on the shaft.

How much R&D is usually involved?2015-07-23T12:51:10+10:00

Hundreds of expeditions to potential areas where we rectify discovered problems and streamline unique enhan