Our Guarantee

1. Great prices, compared to our competitors who cannot offer the coding we provide for specific elements. Our products are user friendly from experts to novices and yes we do use our own device.

2. We have a customer support team that exceeds expectations! We know that before and after sales care makes our customers feel like part of the Rangertell family.

3. Since 2002 we are the only company in the world able to offer a programmable device.

4. Fast shipping with all terms provided to our customers, as we sell internationally we have taken the time to research each countries postal protocols to ensure our customers receive their products according to the laws and regulations of each governed state.

5. Flexible secure payments, we offer a range of payments through paypal, bank transfers, western union, cheques and money orders – payments must clear before products sent.

6. Our reputation is proven through our past clients satisfaction.

7. We understand different languages and will always take the time to answer everyone’s questions no matter what country you are from.

8. Easy returns and exchanges. Within 7 days of receipt of your order you have the free trial period in which you may return or exchange your product. The products are to be in original condition when a refund is requested and we are notified of any damaged or faulty units we request notification upon delivery and a return & replacement will be organised with you.

It’s all about your passion for products you love

We know first had what it’s like to get that gold rush feeling, the first time you dig a site and find that peculiar first item not being sure of whether it’s an old relic or just a rusty old nail. Researching everything you can about areas where the gold is or once was prominent, even tracing back the historic events and the steps of our great hunters and lost treasures. Many years of patience and R & D work followed years of using all the fancy expensive gadgets being sold on the market that are not as accurate as what we have designed with Rangertell. All the ground work has been done for you, now you just have to get out there and find your wealth that awaits you.

It’s all about your unique experience with the products you love

The scientific formula created to give each individual person their own unique experience in being able to code exactly what it is they would like to hunt for today.

It’s all about your faith and support in the products you love

Launching in 2002, our sales where proof of our guarantee with our products, 13 years later we are still there and a phenomenon sweeping the industry.

It’s all about your intelligent choice for products you love

Only coded device for specific elements such as gold, silver, diamonds, ruby, emerald, sapphire and water are just to name a few that are 100% backed by science and constant testing and development to always better our products for our customers. No more sore ears or heads from wearing those headphones for detectors. No more digging hopeless targets only to find it’s an old bucket or rusty nails. Lightweight and versatile for any age and any stage of life.

It’s all about playing with the products you love

How do we do it for such a tiny price? Quite simply we cut out the middlemen, ad agencies and of course the “models” enabling us to pass these savings to you while still maintaining Scientifics, safety, professional products sleekly packaged at an affordable price.

It’s all about loyalty to the products you love

Shopping is safe and secure and easy, delivery is quick and reliable. We have taken great measures to ensure that your visit to our site is an excellent one and that your privacy is constantly respected and secure. Not Happy?  Simply Contact Us.