The Rangertell detector and a basic explanation of how it works:

IMG_2012The Rangertell detector has a small circuit and antenna in an electronics case with a handle that is set at 90 degrees angle to the antenna aerial, when held in your hand it then becomes ground dipole system while working in conjunction with the Bio-magnetic and electrical field of your body.

This enables your body to become part of the circuit, giving it the positive and negative potential to activate the monopole via your bodies’ electrical field.

The small circuit in the detector acts like a tuneable crystal radio set (non-powered self-oscillating radio set), this when tuned correctly creates a base frequency resonance of 7 Hz in the detector case and your bodies Bio-magnetic and electrical field.

The scientific calculator used on the detector has its own oscillator and when a numerical code is programmed into it for a specific element, it then modulates this code upon the base frequency that’s set up in the detector and your bodies’ magnetic and electrical field.

This then starts your detector and bodies’ magnetic and electrical field to resonate at the same element code you programmed into the detector, which intern causes the detector to align itself with the element you’re looking for, creating an ionic transfer between you and the element specific resonance frequency signature.

In layman terms the detector acts just like a compass, which aligns itself to the magnetic grid lines produced by the earth’s magnetic lines.

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