With FOUR nonferrous/ferrous elements and ONE gemstone codes

Codes included are gold, silver, lead and iron elements

The Examiner TG will detect targets such as coins, jewellery, precious metals reefs and caches (treasure)

And with your one gemstone specific code to target diamond deposits.

This means you can detect targets such as aged artifacts and coins, ore bodies and archaeological finds


All you need to do with the Examiner is enter a number provided with the unit and tune to a sample for accuracy

The Examiner is finely tuned and generally needs no further adjustment during the locating session

Immediately you can detect gold, silver and other metals with the same ten-second process

You can tell how far away and deep by utilizing two easy keys

Shapes and size are just as easy using the keys and dial


The Examiner TG is already pre-programmed with six elements.

It will not specifically target any of these six elements individually without entering the element code into your Examiner.

It will automatically target all of these elements together with no discrimination between each element being gold, silver, bronze, nickel, lead, copper and zinc


The Examiner TG is arguably the best long range locator with the most features on the market for hobbyists, treasure hunters, geologists and archaeologists.

The Examiner TG will also function silently as an all-metal detector just like your standard detector but with much greater range.

The Examiner TG’s list of features includes:

  • It will tell you the target and its depth below the surface using a calculator function.
  • It will tell you the distance from the surface using a calculator function.
  • No other locator gives you this much information about your target before and after, like the depth and distance of your target.
  • No other Long Range Locator compares with the Examiner TG’s functions for the price.
  • No other detector in the world features individual target detection.
  • All you do is hold it and it will indicate the target on its own as you sweep or scan.
  • Manual tuning that is completely accurate.
  • Lightweight, smooth, and a pleasure to use.



– Distance and depth such as small items like coins and rings can be detected at tens of feet away.
– Large objects that are deeply buried will also be detectable tens to hundreds of feet away.
– Mines and ore deposits of large size will be easily picked up a mile and even many miles away depending on their size.



No other locator on the market comes anywhere near in terms of quality and after sales support.

Won’t drift to trash metal.

Not subject to temperature differences which result to target large deviations.

No batteries needed. Hundreds of dollars saving. No more messy battery changes.

The Rangertell Examiner TG is the most affordable long range locator on the market, and works more effectively and precisely compared to expensive models you may find


and of course…
*YOU HAVE A GUARANTEED NO-RISK 7 DAYS FROM THE DAY YOU RECEIVE THIS ITEM TO TEST IT……you don’t have anything to lose in simply testing and trying our products.


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