Scientific Explanations – about how your bodies bio-magnetic fields interact with the earths energy fields when using our Rangertell Detection Systems

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Q. Is there an advanced technical report by someone re the Rangertell Examiner?
A. Here is one written about energy transmission by an independent user not connected with Rangertell that was sent to us.

The operating principle of LRLs is not immediately obvious if viewed from the perspective of accepted physics. First hand examination of these devices will reveal an apparently simplistic construction that obscures the complex subtlety of their design.

 Two types are described here. The first is similar to the Rangertell Examiner, and the other is an advanced electronic device that operates on the same underlying principle as the Mineoro detectors.

For example, the Rangertell Examiner may appear at first sight to contain just a handful of components that seem loosely connected in some arbitrary fashion. This conclusion is far from the truth, as will be explained fully in the following analysis.

 One of the most confusing aspects of the Examiner design is the enameled wire that protrudes through the case and terminates just below the calculator housing without any apparent connection.

This type of connection can be explained by reference to the work carried out by Zaev, Avramenko and Lisin on displacement current. According to the authors – “The measurement of the polarisation current in matter can clean up the long-standing dispute about the nature of dielectric permeability of metals, and also make possible the transmission of energy along an isolated conductor without a galvanically closed current circuit. Nicholai Tesla demonstrated this on 1st February 1892 in London but the description of the method applied by him for such a transmission line has not been preserved.”

A simple circuit (known as Avramenko’s fork) can be used to demonstrate this method of energy transmission.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.10.21 pm

Note that there is no connection between the load and a common terminal, such as ground. The load is quite simply isolated from ground, but it still receives power.

This type of circuit is not subject to Kirchoff’s current and voltage laws, and the output current measured in the load is not appreciatively affected by inserting a capacitor of 0.1uF in the line.

This is the underlying principle of power derivation within the Examiner LRL, and the reason why the device needs no battery supply other than that provided by the calculator. Power to the circuit (a modified form of Avramenko’s fork) is provided directly by the calculator allowing precise tuning by the operator.

Although the original circuit contained two diodes, the version in the Examiner makes use of resonance techniques and longitudinal wave coupling to boost the energy to a level necessary for long range detection.

The human component is also an essential part of the design. Just as a tuning fork (or in this case Avramenko’s fork) has natural frequencies for sound, the planet Earth has natural frequencies, called Schumann resonances, and the human brain has natural frequencies for electromagnetic radiation. It is known that that the Earth’s Schumann resonances are “in tune” with the human brain’s alpha and theta states.

But since the Schumann resonance is very low, at about 7.5Hz, the frequencies programmed via the calculator must be down-converted and fine-tuned for effective long-range location to take place. In addition, the Schumann resonance can fluctuate by + or – 0.5Hz depending on the properties of the Earth’s electromagnetic cavity.

The natural frequencies of the human brain are:

  • Beta waves (14 to 30Hz)
  • Alpha waves (8 to 13Hz)
  • Theta waves (4 to 7 Hz)
  • Delta waves (1 to 3Hz)

This explains the inclusion of adjustable elements in the fork / down-converter circuit.

Although the underlying operating principle is complex and difficult to explain, the demonstrable success of these devices has been shown on a number of occasions. Unfortunately LRLs rarely work out-of-the-box, and may need to become acclimatised to their owner over a period of time. Perseverance is the key to successful hunting with an LRL.