I was really excited to get the new sample chamber detector from Rangertell, having seen these before I was first, really interested in seeing how fast and accurately it would pull to the target with the sample…

I took first a pre-1965 dime, which is almost pure silver, and a 24 C…piece of gold from an old watch band….  took them to my test bed… weather here in Colorado is below freezing, and snowing…so I cannot get to my sites….

The pull really impressed me on both counts very quick to the targets… This new sample chamber handheld detector is going to be my first to use out in the field …   Soon as it is warmer outside I will relate on my successes in the fields.  I can expect this to be an exciting and fun spring and summer……..

…..We are using all the products made by Rangertell. This is the first time we have used this kind of product with confidence. Spring is coming and we have many kinds of locations to check out. Its lots of fun in Colorado checking out old mine dumps and the like getting our sweep smooth to the target. Also ghost towns and many gold and silver
areas that have been overlooked by the old timers.

The products are highest quality. These people will be the leaders, in short order…..Stay tuned as the snow melts and we make our reports to you.

Thanks Rangertell.

Jim Milligan, President Colorado Springs Dowsing Association.

At the end of the day we had had a great time and I had learned a lot. I tell you one thing, I will continue to use it for a long time to come.
It is so versatile, sensitive and lightweight that you can take it anywhere with no limitations.

Lonnie Williamson, Wyoming

As you know, I have the Rangertell and love it! In the next week or two I’ll have a little extra cash and was thinking of getting another one of your tools to go along with the locator I have and wondering what would be a good match to give me a little better chance of locating some of my projects.

I had seen the Rangertell signal generator and was hoping you could give me a little more info about those and which would take a little more “guess work” out of locating in the field. Any amount of advice would be greatly appreciated. I love the locator I have and just would like to better my chances in the field… Using your products only make sense to myself and the family.

User — USA

For the first time, I believe in a system publicly for sale. I tested it on many different pieces of metal which I buried many years ago, and I feel objectively very satisfied.

Manila, Philippines

So far I am very happy with the technical way to use the machine which works exactly like advertised and it is probably the best LRL I have ever used with 2 rods.


Hi Rangertell.

Yes! I still have my LRL. I will be using it with my economy
metal detector. I must say that your LRL is the best detector. I have ever had in my area of expertise of experience with metal detectors. I guess people
just don’t understand the way LRLs work or never tried them before as they may feel sceptical when
using them.

The Rev. J. April 3.2004

The unit works very well. Even though I’m still learning, the discrimination between silver coin and gold rings/jewellery in my case) is surprisingly accurate. I’ve used the unit to narrow down search areas before using a metal detector and I’m very pleased with the results.
Sometimes the location is exact to the find other times it is a larger area with several finds that are scattered over a several foot area. It is a great time saver when looking at a new area. When I get to try for gems I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you for your support and a fine product.

Happy User

First, I hope all is well in your neck of the world, for us here Spring is just setting in and can’t wait to get out with the great tools you’ve provided to work with.

After tuning in with the Line Generator, I am completely sold on the Rangertell product line and would never think about suggesting any other tool for locating… It’s the best!

Anonymous, USA

We are very happy to inform you that our EXAMINER TG is working marvellously! It’s fantastic!!! It locates accurately all we look for after entering the frequency. Now we’re getting accustomed to it step by step. In the future we will send you much details about our finds: much gold, diamonds and red mercury.
African Exploration Concern

I located a target at the backyard of a mining engineer. He has a scanner used for exploration, but he didn’t know that there was target in his backyard. After I located, he use his scanner (used by mining company), and it showed. I don’t know if it is a good object. No digging plan yet.


Rangertell, There is a guy who I helped instruct on the use of the Examiner a couple of years ago. End of last month he got a hit on some quartz rock and pulled out six kilos of gold. I got in touch with him but he wants to stay anonymous. Only showed me the location. The target was five feet down. Patience pays off.

Cheers, User, Tanzania

Hey Rangertell, 

I was out just two weeks ago and found some gold ore, you may remember. Anyway it proved real good. I was camping for three days in the Bradshaw Mountains north of Phoenix. The first day I brought down ten rocks among other things, I’m an artefacts hunter also. I put them on my Little Smoky grill after the fire was max. The next day I did the same thing. 

On the third morning the fire still hot I poured cold water on it and heard the rocks crack. I poured the contents on a piece of scrap metal roofing and continued in the outback. Several hours later when I returned everything was cool and I poured it in a plastic bucket after removing the heavy stuff. When I returned home I panned out the contents. To my surprise I got five nice size nuggets and several small pickers. 

You can use my information if you want to help anyone else. 

Thanks, Charlie Marandina, Phoenix, Arizona.

Have already found micro gold in a rock the size of my fist. Smashed it up and there it was. Also got a good lock just across the road.
It tells me its 3 feet down and over 7 grams. Going to dig it up in the dark tonight.

Australian user


I have a piece of quartz float that has gold in it laying on my computer desk. I entered the gold frequency but had forgotten all about the float. The next think I know, this thing (antenna) is up against my arm. I needed to turn my chair as my body was blocking the path. I turn and the next thing I know it is pointing right at the float. I have Pam come in and move it and it follows wherever she puts the quartz. Sent chills down my spine. Wow!

Happy US user

A message from Kuwait:

Well, the examiner is a smart piece of equipment that will locate gold no matter where it is or how small it is. A steady hand and you will fly towards anything you are looking for. I really enjoyed using it and it saved me a big amount of time and effort. I am sure if I were in an area that had big nuggets and not finer gold I would be making big money in a matter of hours.

But so far I feel proud and confident when using the Examiner, unlike other gold detectors I bought before. Honestly those detectors are a big mistake I made when I brought them. I have checked and heard about all the equipment for detecting and so far I will only trust Rangertell and the Examiner.

You guys are the best so far in this field, and also the best in friendly and helpful service

The examiner works as you say it does!!! people just have to take time to play with it and get the feel for it, it’s a very versatile piece of equipment and well worth having in your arsenal as a prospector/cache hunter, I tested on 3 different sites 1 on private property, 1 on a cache in a small hidden cave, which had collapsed about 10-11ft back, and the third site was an outlaw cache that is now covered by a man-made lake.

I triangulated at all three sites and did multiple sweeps at multiple areas the examiner ALWAYS hit the same spots, I’m a sceptic about most of the equipment out there but I tested and tested and tested the examiner and it works as Rangertell said it would!
I even took some gold necklaces and went out and tested on those to make sure I wasn’t causing some subconscious influence such as micro muscle movements as some people have suggested when it comes to dowsing, but this is NOT dowsing, this is working on electro-magnetic fields, it really does work!!!

Finally somebody has come up with an affordable tool that, if taking the time to learn how to use it, REALLY WORKS, you guys did a wonderful job! Keep up the good work! Jason in the Ozarks.

Melbourne -Victoria- Australia

Very happy that I found a gold chain on a beach within a week or so of taking delivery of the Examiner.


April, 2013.

RT, There is a guy who I helped instruct on the use of the Examiner a couple of years ago. End of last month he got a hit on some quartz rock and pulled out six kilos of gold. I got in touch with him but he wants to stay anonymous. Only showed me the location. The target was five feet down. Patience pays off.

Cheers, User, Tanzania

An experienced Arizona detectorist writes:

Hi Ranger, I am enjoying the Rangertell as I am getting more familiar with the instrument.
I need more practice tuning it, and need to make softer, steadier sweeps so I can gauge the pulls and hits. Your experience and helpful tips are greatly appreciated.
 Thanks much.

Best Regards. Anonymous

We were up at our cabin last weekend enjoying the daytime high of 72, while here at home in Phoenix it was a warm 110 degrees.  While we were there, my son and I hiked up to an old mine armed with the Examiner and a detector. I didn’t get any signals near the workings or dump, and that did not surprise me, as the old timers had done a pretty good job of taking all the ore in the vein from the surface down to the water table where only sulfide ore continues. I thought I’d hit the dump with the detector anyway, and got a strong signal on the proximal side of the dump. 

Being very loud, it was easy to locate. It was a fist sized chunk of ore with some pyrite showing. Not surprising in sulfide ore, and it is possible to have free-milling gold in sulfides, though rare. I had doubts because the Examiner had not given any signal in the dump area, but with a signal this strong, I thought I’d better take it home anyway. 

I soaked it in acid and then slowly peeled it away, a layer at a time to check for gold. No free gold, just very rich in gold sulfides, reassuring me the Examiner did not miss any metallic gold. 

Best Regards, Arizona

I am a true believer in the Rangertell units and have tested mine thoroughly with almost 100% accuracy. We have had positive results with the unit you sent us.

We found some nails dated 1790 in our side yard, a silver dollar from the 1800s, and several other items of antiquity/value. We did several tests on the unit and every one was positive…


Borneo. Those war booties were looted from 12 countries during World War 11 in the Pacific and secretly buried in deep pits, caves and tunnels towards the end of the war in 1943 – 45 with the intention of retrieving them back quietly at a later stage.

I am happy to inform that in every area where markers indicate, I am able to locate with confidence the target positions using my Examiner. It is very easy to use and a versatile tool which makes reconnaissance and locating faster especially in difficult environment conditions. By far, it is also a discreet tool in some areas to avoid suspicion while at work.

I think many decades ago having this kind of equipment was next to impossible. Thank you very much indeed for your innovation of such valuable tool available for my use.

Cheers — 

Yesterday I again had success with the Rangertell I found Silver & bronze coins. I also found some old jewellery about 15 feet below ground.

Anonymous, Turkey

Hi Ranger,

Our first tests were very impressive. A good friend was using the Examiner. He was approximately 100 feet or better in front of me, facing away from me. He could not see nor hear me as we were not talking. I had several gold nuggets in my pockets. If I moved to the right, the Examiner did also. If I moved to the left, the Examiner did also. We thought this to be a good blind test.

Anonymous, Arizona

Good day and hello. Remember me, xxxxx from Philippines. Found one treasure site underneath a mango tree somewhere in Mindanao. The story goes this way: According to my cousin there were three Japanese went to their place and looking for a mango tree and ask some bystanders there, but they didnt tell the exact location so the three Japanese left.

My cousin told me the details and we went to that place stealthily to avoid the landowner’s knowledge. My cousin knows already which mango tree is the oldest. He said to me, from this place use your Rangertell, so i located the site in less than 5 minutes.

After few months I met a friend who knows the Japanese treasure signs and i took him there, and less than a minute he showed us the signs engraved on the mango tree which we don’t have any idea about it. Basing the statement of the Japanese interpreter, we are very sure of the area.

Hi ranger,

Good news. We found water, with the frequency xxxxxx.

Best regards 
your student Anonymous, Turkey,